Greg Mortenson is an amazing man. Korphe was the first school he built in Pakistan.

Read a little about Korphe School here

How is this school different to your school?
Why would it have been difficult to build a school here?
Watch this video for some clues.

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uwc east-Thomas C
3/1/2010 19:57:24

This is a really inspiring book. One man on a mission to change the world- one child at a time. Greg Mortason has done amazing things and is a example for us all, even if we can't do that much, we can still change the world in small ways, over 3 cups of tea.

3/4/2010 04:13:28

I loved this book sooooooo much!!!!All the things Greg has done to let kids have a proper education.I enjoyed hearing about all the countries and what it is like to live in those countries.I have been inspired by everything Greg has done to children around the world.

Rahul D UWCSEA East
3/14/2010 00:24:03

This book is really great. Greg did so much wonderful stuff. I am going to see him talking at Dover too!


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    Three Cups of Tea
    by Greg Mortenson

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