Today I read an article by Rocco Staino in the  School Library Journal . Parts of it are below:

The publisher is changing the covers on "Mysterious Benedict Society" series, following complaints that the character Sticky Washington, described as having light brown skin, appears on all three covers as white.

“We are adjusting the covers of all three titles immediately as they reprint in order to offer a more faithful rendering as soon as possible,” Melanie Chang, Little, Brown’s executive director of publicity and communications, told School Library Journal.
Librarian bloggers and those on Twitter have long discussed the misrepresentation of Sticky Washington in the books’ illustrations. 

Did you notice this? Did it matter? How important is the cover of the book? What do you think about the covers of "Mysterious Benedict Society"
UWC East Audrey Grade 5
3/1/2010 11:55:36 am

This is one of THE BEST books I have ever read. It is set a little back and is worth the wait for it.

AISS Jacklin K Grade 6
3/10/2010 07:28:09 pm

This book resembles a colossal jigsaw puzzle that slowly assembles itself in the end. It seems like every single detail in the book paints a vivid picture that describes the scene fantastically. The characters all have interesting personalities each and the puzzles are mind boggling! The Mysterious Benedict Society is truly an impressive book!


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    The Mysterious Benedict Society
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